• Step 1: Register with your valid Email Address.
  • Step 2: Update The Company Information.
  • Step 3: Activate the Financial Year.
  • Step 4: Add Customer (As Buyer & Consignee).
  • Step 5: Generate Invoices from the Invoice Section of Admin panel.
Click on Register link and provide the personal & Company information, the registered email will get the Acitivation link.
Yes, can access the GST total report by month / multiple months and can download as copy in your local system. And see the total GST TAX amount need to pay.
Yes, invoice number is editable for all the inovices.
Yes, invoice date is editable for all the inovices.
Just click on Create Customer link from the Admin Panel to add the Buyer & Consginee details with all the information, like GST, PAN Card, Address etc.
Edit the Company details, click on "Logo" tab to uploaded the image.
Yes, can add mutliple braches/buyers details for each customer. During invoice creation all buyer/branches will display in the dropdown list.
Yes, during registration / edit company details, we will capture the state and accordingly to buyer state the CGST, SGST & IGST will be calculated.